February 13, 2009

On the road again...

Gearing up for the move to Georgia! Woot! Much still needs to be done, packing wise. One of the beautiful things about having Wally is..
1)Packing space! We'll be putting some stuff in Wally to make sure we have what we need the day we arrive.
2)A place to stay on the road. We'll be CrackerDocking on the trip down there. Nice to have a queen bed where we need it, when we need it.
3)We had to get a truck to tow Wally, and we'll be making use of the space there too. Anything that can stay outside safely (meaning it won't matter if it gets wet) will be in the back of the truck.

Did I mention the forecast the day of our move is rain/snow showers/high wind?
The adventure begins!

February 6, 2009

Rode Videomic!!

Well, USPS finally got their act together, and I now have the Canon Mini Advanced shoe adapter to plug my brandy new Rode VideoMic in. Now people will actually be able to hear me in all my glory.

February 1, 2009

First Trip Success!

Lake Lanier Islands Christmas 2008 from Richard Mageau on Vimeo.

Wow, why didn't we do this sooner? Our maiden voyage with Wally was to Lake Lanier Islands Resort Campground. Being Christmas, there were only 4 sites booked, the place was wide open! We had a spot reserved, but we didn't like it, so we changed it to something a bit more agreeable (1 spot over).

Campfire and cocoa was a success! Had a bunch of friends over, made burgers, had a big ole campfire, and never once turned on the TV!

Things we learned:
1) As long as you have chocks in place, the trailer "ain't goin' nowheres". My biggest fear is that the biggest toy investment I have ever made is going to wind up in a lake somewhere, or rolls down a hill and hurts someone.
2) Digital TV is an all or nothing compromise. Either you get a channel or you don't.
3) Grey tanks fill quickly when you take showers. Next time opt for a full hookup site if it's available.
4) WD 40 is your friend. Make friends with the magical powers of WD40.
5) The dinette converta-bed is indeed comfortable.
6) The TV mounted on that really neat arm mount will swing all over the place when it's not restrained. It will stop swinging when it makes contact with aluminum blinds on the windows. Side effect of this are big creases in the blinds, causing many vulgarities to come out of your mouth when you see it, and realize that it was your own darned fault.
7) Campfires are best experienced with friends. And cocoa. And marshmallows.
8) Sway controler hitches can withstand an enormous amount of weight. Just one half of the hitch managed to suspend Wally for about 2 seconds before gravity took over and Wally rolled from the inertia. Note to self: always restrain the hitch before cranking down, lest you go chasing Wally. wiki Potential vs. Kinetic energy.

Happy Trails!