December 20, 2008

we're in love.

lots to report over the past month on the airstream front. we picked up our mobile adventure cottage on wheels from colonial airstream in NJ a few weeks ago and are keeping it in a storage place we found about 15 minutes from the house. but not tonight. oh no.

this chilly willy winter evening, wally is parked in front of the house (which is a near impossible feat considering the parking around here) in preparation for our big first adventure to atlanta for the holidays. magoo is all over the "system tests" - heat, lights, battery, TV, DVD, etc - and has done a good job making sure everything works as it should. and boy, does it. that trailer is a work of art and we are literally champing at the bit to get out there and REALLY test it out.

we've got all the comforts of home in there and (naturally) have purchased a few strings of tacky lights to really do it up. we're even throwing a cocoa + campfire party the night after christmas to christen wally properly with a few friends. as we were in the trailer this evening loading in a few last minute things, i got a little teary. there i was, charlie brown christmas music on the stereo (that always gets me), standing in this piece of legendary american design on wheels, our new home away from home, and i looked at my husband and just felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude for all the good things in our lives. of course, on the surface, wally is just aluminum and rivets and wood and wires. but i think about all of the adventures we're going to have and all of the good memories that are just waiting to be had, and i think that there's no one else on the planet i would rather creating them with than my true partner in crime.

life is good tonight. and i suspect it will be pretty good tomorrow, too.

November 25, 2008

meet wally.

well, we did it. we bit the (silver) bullet and finally purchased our very own mobile adventure cottage on wheels! we've been dreaming of this big step in our lives for quite some time and firmly believe in not succumbing to the trap of "we'll do that someday", because all too often, "someday" never comes. yes, making the financial commitment was a little scary. yes, towing a 27 foot long trailer through jam-packed traffic, winding roads and pitch-black campgrounds is really scary. and yes, we are going to have some of the best times of our lives.

p.s. oh – if you're wondering who "wally" is: we have this weird thing where we name inanimate objects names that end in "Y". example: my iPhone is phoney. my mac is maccy. my passat wagon is waggy. (wow, am i a hipster cliche or what?) and our toyota tundra truck that tows wally is tundy. i know, it's really, really goofy and ridiculous and kind of compulsive at this point. but it's kind of fun. so naturally, when we purchased our shiny new aluminum adventure cottage, we named it...what else? WALLY..named for wally bynum, the founder of airstream.

Getting Our new Airstream, Wally! from Richard Mageau on Vimeo.