October 11, 2009

We're back, and wishing we weren't.

Hey all, we're back from our Florida Keys vacation. Saw and did a lot of cool things.

Here's some things to keep in mind on your Keys vacation:

1) Go to Sloppy Joe's. Yes, this is a name of a place, the source of 'the' Sloppy Joe. I had one, and it was the best I've ever had! This was one of Ernest Hemmingways haunts before he moved to Cuba. Plenty of pictures of him on the walls, and stories. Thinking that 'The Old Man and the Sea' was penned there.

2) Rent scooters. A lot less headaches, and parking is free (car parking is .25 for 10 minutes).

3) Take a sunset cruise. A very relaxing way to end a day.

4) Schooner Wharf. Have a drink, a cigar and enjoy the view. Throw crackers to the waiting tarpin.

5) Mallory Square at sunset. Didn't get a chance to see The Flying Cats, but saw some other impressive performers (and some not so impressive).

6) NEVER EVER SPEED! There is a ton of police presence, and there is only 1 road in and out. They'll git ya! Speed limits change a lot from 55 to 45 to 35 back up to 45. So be careful!

Just starting to peel now from the huge amount of sun we took in on this adventure. Ouch.

October 4, 2009

Day 3: Scooter go vroom vroom!

Just another beautiful day in the Keys. We learned our lesson in trying to walk around town to see the sites, just too blazing hot! We gave up and rented scooters, and what a difference! We tooled around town, until Jen had to stop in the pits for a last minute flip-flop repair (sadly, it wasn't repairable, had to get new ones). She almost wiped out in a parking lot, into a brandy-new Lincoln Town Car.

After the flip-flop exchange was made, we zipped around for hours. This was Jen's first time on a scooter, (she's quite the evil knievel) and she had a blast (as did I). Made parking much easier, and more cost effective as parking a scooter is always free, and a car is .25 for 10 minutes. Yowsas.

Stopped by Schooner Warf for some refreshment. (Cold Coke for me, another Pina Colada for Jen. Hmm, is this beginning to be a problem?! "Pina Colada Intervention" here we come.) If you like cigars, you can get one there. Hand rolled, made fresh. Haven't tried one yet, thinking about getting a box, though.

We took a sunset cruise on the Jolly Rover 2. A very relaxing way to end the day. It's an authentic four square sail schooner! Nothing like getting power from sails. Arrrr matey.

When we arrived back in port, we had to stop by The Conch Republic Seafood Company. Wow, had a great dinner. I had the Seafood Wellington, and Jen had the Sea Scallops. And another fruity frozen drink. The truly upsetting thing for us is that we haven't had the Key Lime Pie yet. Must rectify that today!

Plans for today: snorkeling followed by a sunset catamaran back into town. I introduced Jen to this a few years back, and she is hooked. Looking forward to getting up close to the fish of the area, and maybe finding the missing part of the pirate ship Atocha with the half billion worth of gold with it. If we do, in fact, find the missing spanish gold, you will likely not hear from us again as we'll resort to a life of debauchery, jetsetting and full time Airstreamin'. Just sayin'.

October 2, 2009

Day 2: What our trips should always be like

We got into our site late last night (as usual) at Blue Water Key RV Resort and were astounded at it,even in the darkness.

What we are about to tell you about is the best kept secret RV campground in the world, if not the universe. It has the usual ammenities (water, electric, sewer, cable, Wifi). But there are a few things it has that need mentioning.

The size of each site is HUGE. The site we are on is 35' wide by 80' deep. That's a chunk of real estate. The pad isn't that entire size though. You see, on the water bound side (oh yeah, did I mention that we have an easterly view of the Atlantic?) there is a tiki hut. You heard right, a genuine tiki hut. Well, more like a cabana. This "hut" has a wetbar. Two ceiling fans to keep things cool. Lights. Comfy chairs. Floating dock. The water! The moon! The view! The view! The view! Have we sold you yet? Actually, don't come here. It's terrible. (If you don't come then we won't have to fight you for a reservation again next year. Muuaahhh haaaa haaa haaaa.)

More tomorrow as we explore both this campground and the local attractions.