March 29, 2009

It's April!

Well, almost.
First 2 trips planned. First one will be to Top of Georgia Airstream Park. This is a WBCCI only park. We finally got our numbers in, so this first trip may be the one to place the numbers on Wally!

Top of Georgia's a nice little park! Nested in the mountains, there is a nice little stream running through it, a clubhouse, and full hookup (including sewer) hookups for $7 a night. WiFi available, and cable (7 channels). Good place to make sure Wally's up for the summer.

Next trip will be a family affair at Lake Lanier Islands Resort Campground. It will be for Easter, having our family out to enjoy (hopefully) a nice day at the lake, good burgers, an Easter Egg Hunt, and some other activities for the kids. Good Times!

See you on the road y'all!
Team JuJuMagoo

March 23, 2009

Aluminitis setting in!

Just sitting here waiting for the first week in April when we can get to start our adventures. Stopped by storage to check out Wally, the batteries are dead. ARGH! Not a problem, plug it into the truck and let it set for 20 minutes or so, will be good to go. Lots of adventures planned. Cannot wait!

March 5, 2009

Alive and well in GA!

We're finally here, and almost completely moved in. Boxes still hanging around, but thier numbers are slowly dwindling. Can't wait to explore my new piece of America!
Wally is nestled down in a secure storage area, but would feel better if it was in our front yard, solely for a place to temporarily escape to, outside of the house. Wouldn't hurt to be able to 'mess around' with it either, pack it up and have it ready on a moment's notice.

Still looking for a campsite in Florida(beaches,Gulf) for Memorial Day weekend, and not coming up with much. Maybe coastal Georgia? Or maybe the mountains?

Joined WBCCI, perhaps we'll go the the clubhouse this weekend to check it out.