July 30, 2010


we had the true pleasure of gathering our family and friends for a little "bon voyage" party last weekend in honor of our (seven days and counting!) impending departure from the wilds of suburbia. if there's one thing i love and truly relish, it's planning all the fun details for a great party. i adore the unexpected details that being a smile, and i knew i'd want to craft some special little goodies to share with guests for our little get together. it was the perfect evening and we are so glad to have spent some time with some of our favorite folks in the whole wide world before we hit the streets.

thought you all might enjoy a few pics, and by all means, steal these ideas for your next airstream party! they're all pretty DIY and don't cost much at all.

almost on the road...yippeeeee!!!,

July 1, 2010


hi gang. jen here.

i've always been a fan of beach cruisers. sure, they don't have those extra gears to get you over that thar hill, but DANG they are so stylish and fabulously retro. and i am a bonafide sucker for retro. not to mention comfortable. i mean, can any woman (or man, for that matter) really say one of those tiny 10-speed seats is a pleasure to sit on? those things literally disappear, right? there simply just isn't enough cushin' on those seats for pushin' up the hills.

hubs and i were in wally world the other day getting a few airstreamin' supplies and lo and behold i spotted a cruiser/5 speed combo called a hybrid. this might not be news to you folks, but to me, that's like chocolate and peanut butter – a match made in bicycle heaven. the functionality of a bike with gears and the fashion of a cruiser. MUST HAVE:

we're planning on taking bikes with us on the road to meander around the campgrounds and encourage ourselves to fit in some exercise, too. i've found one model in particular that looks pretty promising. it's made by huffy (i know...huffy...makes you think of your pink bike with pom poms from 6th grade, right?) but it's stinking adorable and classic. and the price is awesome – under $125. of course, i'll have to transfer my bell (ting ting) and basket from my old bike to complete the ensemble.

hooray for cruisers. hooray for putting things in your basket. and hooray for the little silver bell.